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Court of Appeal on POFMA

Singapore Internet Watch
Singapore Internet Watch
Our latest round-up covers the recent Court of Appeal ruling on POFMA, its use on a tweet quoting the Minister of Home Affairs, and other developments in Singapore’s internet and society.

POFMA Update
Singapore Internet Watch
We have updated our POFMA'ed Dataset to include two more POFMA uses: one directed at @TwitterSG over a user's tweet, and one directed at @yourSDP in the aftermath of the Court of Appeals' judgement on their case.

Access the full dataset here:
POFMA Appeal Ruling: The Court of Appeal gave its ruling on the appeals by the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and The Online Citizen (TOC).
POFMA and the Rule of Law: POFMA was also recently used by Minister of Home Affairs K Shanmugam against a tweet by Jolovan Wham.
We have updated our POFMA'ed Dataset to reflect these cases.
Our Internet News Round-Up
COVID-19 and TraceTogether
Ask Jamie Malfunctions: The Ministry of Health temporarily disabled their Ask Jamie bot after it gave advice on having safe sex in response to queries about COVID-19.
Phishing Warning: GovTech has warned of a fake Tracetogether site phishing users in Singapore.
The History of Bluetooth: GovTech also recently released an explainer on the history of Bluetooth, the technology that makes Tracetogether possible.
Patrol Robots: Singapore is expanding its surveillance tech to include patrol robots which blast warnings at those engaging in “undesirable social behaviour.” According to this recent report:
During a recent patrol, one of the “Xavier” robots wove its way through a housing estate and stopped in front of a group of elderly residents watching a chess match.
“Please keep one-metre distancing, please keep to five persons per group,” a robotic voice blared out, as a camera on top of the machine trained its gaze on them.
Cybersecurity Strategy 2021: The Cyber Security Agency of Singapore has released the Singapore Cybersecurity Strategy for 2021.
  • Key points include expanding Singapore’s international cyber cooperation, supporting cybersecurity education and upskilling, and broadening the scope of protection beyond Critical Information Infrastructures (such as land transport and banking & finance).
Facebook’s Blacklist: Facebook’s list of Dangerous Individuals and Organisations has been leaked. Entities on the list face harsh restrictions. The Intercept’s breaking story highlights how the list is “a clear embodiment of U.S. foreign policy priorities that could disproportionately censor marginalized groups”.
Legal Action Against Negative Reviews: How do negative reviews influence restaurants in Singapore? CNA’s report explores this issue, and also highlights the case of two restaurants that have begun a legal dispute over a slew of negative reviews.
Shopee Expands: Shopee is launching in a number of new locales, including India, Spain and Poland.
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