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Bibliographies on Singapore Internet Studies

Singapore Internet Watch
Singapore Internet Watch
Our latest round-up covers our first bibliographies on Singapore internet studies, the second time POFMA has been used to target vaccine misinformation, and other developments in Singapore’s internet and society.
This round-up is a ~3 minute read.

POFMA Update
The latest use of POFMA is aimed at two web articles promoting vaccine misinformation, published by the Truth Warriors website on 30 August. This is only the second time POFMA has been used to target vaccine misinformation.
Singapore Internet Watch
Currently, slightly under half of all POFMA uses have been aimed at misinformation relating to / involving #COVID19. Most of these uses occurred during the earlier stages of the pandemic.
We have updated our POFMA'ed Dataset to reflect the latest POFMA uses. You can find the full dataset here.
Bibliographies on Singapore Internet Studies
Singapore Internet Watch is compiling bibliographies relating to core issues in Singapore internet studies.
The first of these is our Bibliography on Digital Authoritarianism and Activism in Singapore, covering issues such as online censorship, online civil society, social media activism, internet policy, and digital protest.
We are compiling all works relating to Singapore Internet Studies into a General Bibliography.
These bibliographies are still being expanded and will be updated continually. Are you an author with content you’d like to include? Do you have any suggestions for inclusion? Let us know!
Our Internet News Round-Up
Digital Poverty
Researchers from NUS and SUTD penned an op-ed on digital poverty in Singapore, highlighting crucial issues in access to digital services:
Nearly 16% of Singaporeans surveyed own cryptocurrency: According to a fintech comparison website, this means that Singaporeans have the 6th highest rate of cryptocurrency ownership among countries surveyed.
Social Media
The Facebook Papers: Recent leaks have highlighted some shocking issues within Facebook’s global operations. These include:
Only 30 countries receive priority focus from Facebook. Of these countries, only 8 (India, US and Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy) receive active monitoring around crucial periods such as elections.
The NOC drama: If you’ve had eyes and ears and a working device in the past few weeks, you’ll have heard of the insanely viral allegations aimed at NOC’s Sylvia Chan. In case you haven’t, here’s a breakdown.
On a positive note: A tiktoker’s video of their coming out to their grandma is going viral and drawing an emotional response from other users.
New expansions: Amazon and Razer are expanding their operations in Singapore, with Amazon adding 200 jobs to its new office and Razer launching a new regional HQ.
Data centre economics: A Singapore-based company is about to become the first data centre operator to establish a presence in Batam. Meanwhile, India is benefiting from the pause in data centre expansion in Singapore.
Crime & Cybersecurity
New cybersecurity tool planned by CSA: A new tool to protect Singaporeans’ phones from hackers is being developed by Government and industry partners.
Details of the new cyber-security mobile tool will be available only later, but CSA said that the product will uphold people’s personal privacy.
Job scam syndicates busted: Singapore and Malaysia police have arrested 17 involved in scam syndicates, and “it is believed that 390 Singapore victims were targeted in scams involving S$5 million.”
Fullerton Health’s vendor hacked: Personal data of some customers in Singapore had been exposed in the hack.
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